Global Innovation at the Chair for Information Systems!


From 28th of October until the 2nd of November students of the chair for information systems were participating in the SUGAR Network’s global kick-off in Hefei, China. The GKO is part of the course Design Thinking for Business Innovation and serves as joint kick-off the whole network The GKO featured about 160 students, 30 teaching team members from more than twenty university, and several corporate speakers. The week included several creative input and working sessions for the students and enabled them to collect feedback for their challenge from a broad audience.

This year’s paperbike race was modified to an egg hurl challenge. Thereby, students had to build a paper-based launching system that hurls an uncooked egg as far as possible. We are very happy that our students were the only one’s integrating humans into system to a bigger extend. Our team hurled the second furthest shoot in the competition.