Student Theses and Projects: Development of Customer Engagement Features for a Culture-Event-Platform (StartUp)


Thesis (Projektstudium/IDP) - Reference number 2019-200

Advisor(s): Michael Baumann, CULEVO; Dr. Markus Böhm


The project is part of an actual development project in the context of digitization of culture and will be done in cooperation with Culevo: The company Culevo GmbH is a startup based in Munich. It develops the platform, which provides a unique overview of cultural events (theater plays, etc.) in a certain region combined with personalization options and community features for users in order to quickly provide the right event for the right person. On September 20th 2019 the MVP of the platform went live. Based on user feedback and analysis of user behavior additional features of the extensive backlog need to be implemented, tested and evaluated. Goal of these features is to enhance the customer journeys to find the right play, receive fitting suggestions for plays, arrange matching events (regarding content, price, time, etc.) for groups of users and increase interaction as well as usability along the whole process.


  • Prioritize, implement and evaluate (i.e. via A/B-Testing) features for
  • Execution of the project will be done in close collaboration with the two founders of Culevo in an agile setting with (bi-)weekly sprints.
  • You will be able choose EPICs/features for your work from the current backlog. These include for instance

    • “Add to my list” for productions and events
    • “Find the right event” for a group of users who want to go to a play together
    • Newsletter-Signup and -Management
    • “Highlighters” for Production-Cards - Recommendation-Engine: Upranking of productions matching to personal favorites
    • Recommendation-Engine: Downranking of productions with low data quality provided
    • Recommendation-Engine: Incorporate favorites, history, ratings, items on own list, friends favorites/history/ratings/items on list
    • Rating productions (5-star-system)
    • Personal play-history for visited events
    • On-Site notifications for specific events (new play for favorites, etc.)
    • Follow a friend/artist/star/influencer (other user)
    • Refer a friend to the platform
    • “Serach for similar plays” from the personal history
    • Enhance production details with new attributes (i.e. refine description-elements)
    • Tags for productions, favourites, cards, etc.



  • Fluent in German or English
  • High degree of autonomy and individual responsibility
  • Motivation to experiment, learn and build solutions

For Frontend-Features:

  • Extended experience in web development (CSS3, HTML5) and JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience with Angular (v6) is highly appreciated
  • Familiar with Bootstrap (v4.1) and Git
  • Interest in Google Firebase authentication and Hosting
  • Interest in flux based client-side state management
  • Interest in pre- / server-side-rendering (SSR)

For Backend-Features:

  • Basic experience in JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Experience in consuming REST-APIs
  • Experience with Node.js (v8) is appreciated
  • Interest in technological setup includes Google Cloud Platform and therein Cloud Functions (Serverless), Pub/Sub , Storage(S3-like), Git, etc.

Further Information

If you are interested and require more details on the company, the founders, the project, the timeframe, etc. feel free to contact the CEO Michael Baumann:

Please send your application including your CV, grade report and application form to