i17 @ ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research Conference


This week, Manuel Wiesche and Leonard Przybilla from the Chair of Information Systems presented and discussed some of their latest research results at the ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Leonard Przybilla presented the paper “Machines as Teammates in Creative Teams: Digital Facilitation of the Dual Pathways to Creativity” that drew much attention in the audience. In addition, he presented a short paper on “Emergent Leadership in Agile Teams–an Initial Exploration.” Manuel Wiesche moderated an engaging and forward-looking panel discussion on the future of IT work with high-ranking participants from the field. Moreover, Anna Wiedemann presented a paper on “Integrating Development and Operations in Cross-Functional Teams - Toward a DevOps Competency Model,” which she co-authored with Manuel Wiesche and Prof. Helmut Krcmar.