We would like to draw your attention to the add-on study program "Technology Management" at CDTM (Center for Digital Technology & Management)


 It is a program by LMU & TUM, which is open for students from all study backgrounds.

What is CDTM?

  • Honors degree in "Technology Management" by LMU & TUM.
  • Interdisciplinary, hands-on, international.
  • Close work with industry partners like Siemens, BMW, McKinsey.

What is CDTM really about?

  • Becoming part of a diverse community of passionate people.
  • Playground for your ideas: 3D Printer, Workshop, Drones.

Why apply to CDTM?

  • You will find people complementing your skills.
  • Create something that might improve the everyday life of people.

Why does CDTM need you?

Tell us in your application - until November 30.

Fragen? oder CDTM