Student Theses and Projects: Augmented Reality in Health Care - Implementing a Smart Glass/Google Glass Application


Several student works possible: Theses (BA/MA/DA)/Projects(IDP/SEP/Projektstudium), Reference number 2015-020


Advisor(s): Dr. Manuel Wiesche, Veronika Huck-Fries



Augmented Reality as one of the leading technologies to enrich real life with contextual, relevant background information provides useful areas of application. While there are various possibilities in the health care domain, technologies such as Google Glass or Vuzix M100 have not been used to its full potential. With augmented reality a completely new application area arises when physicians and nurses can interact hand-free with patients while receiving up-to-date information via their Smart Glass. However, when technologies are used in, e. g. patient care, organizations are challenged with low acceptance amongst physicians.

The aim of this study is to analyze existing health care processes and develop a Smart Glass App for supporting physicians and nurses in their daily work. Within this thesis the implemented application will be evaluated in order to provide detailed information regarding the acceptance and practical use.


  • Conducting field research in the health care domain
  • Identification and documentation of relevant use-cases for implementing Smart Glasses applications
  • Specification of innovative health care applications
  • Realization/Implementation of an innovative health care application for Smart Glasses


This study can be conducted as thesis, Projektstudium or Interdisziplinäres Projekt. The thesis can either be written in English or German. Candidates should have experience in programming (Android experiences are preferable) and interest in empirical social research. This study suits candidates studying Informatics, Information Systems, TUM-BWL or FIM.

Further Information


Please send your application including our application form, "Notenauszug" from TUMonline, and cv to Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents.

Announcement date: 18.05.2015