Student Theses and Projects: Modelling Digital Platform Ecosystems – Towards a Tool-Based Evaluation


Theses (BA/MA/DA), Projects (IDP/SEP/FuA/Projektstudium), Reference-number: 2017-144

Advisor: Alejandro Arreola González 


Companies enable third parties to co-create value directly or indirectly using digital platforms. This gives rise to platform ecosystems, networks of innovation, which produce complements that make a platform more valuable. Many of the most valuable companies in the world run platform business models.

The success of a platform business models depends on enabling successful ecosystem activities, actors, positions and links between actors. To address this, companies can design and evaluate ecosystem strategies. These strategies are defined by the way in which a focal firm approaches the alignment of partners, so that Pareto efficiency is achieved, securing its role in a competitive ecosystem.

Software tools can improve the understanding, communication and analysis of complex platform ecosystems. Modeling tools facilitate innovation by enabling experimentation, reducing uncertainty and can be used as basis for defining requirements to the underlying information systems. Ecosystem modeling tools can therefore be very useful to researchers and practitioners wishing to understand how digital platforms can create suitable conditions for an ecosystem to flourish.



  • Analysis and synthesis of prior academic work
  • Modeling, analysis and simulation of digital platform ecosystems using state-of-the-art value modeling tools
  • Software tool implementation of ecosystem analysis functions to support decision making, e.g. to derive IS architectures, actor alignment patterns, or to automatically generate business models


  • Interest in digital platforms and onformation systems engineering
  • Structured, reliable & self-motivated work style
  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding of business model and platform ecosystem concepts
  • Interest in application programming or simulation tools



The topic can be adapted according to your interests. The thesis can be written in English or German. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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