Student Theses and Projects: Temporal Character of Risks in IS


Several student works possible: Theses (BA/MA), Reference number 2015-011

Advisor(s): Dr. Manuel Wiesche


Since the beginning of the IS discipline, research has revealed and later solved many IS related risks. Focus lies on managing risks in information systems, but IS research also focuses on using information systems to manage business risks as well. Exemplary IS risks occur in software development projects, outsourcing or operating IT systems. Risks in IS are characterized by their temporal character. Many risks change over time. E.g. the risks related to viruses evolved from completely unknown to manageable. Similar developments can be seen in project management or outsourcing.


Aim of this research is to classify risks in IS and systematically identify evolving risks by highlighting their historical development in IS literature. Possible steps include:

  • Literature Review of risk articles in IS
  • Classification of found risk articles
  • Backwards search to identify evolving character of exemplary risks
  • Statistical analysis of the found data


This study is planned as a Masters thesis. Highly interested candidates could also carry it out as a Bachelors thesis. The thesis can either be written in English or German. Candidates should have experience in scholarly work and interest in risk management in information management. This study is suits candidates studying TUM-BWL, FIM or Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Further Information

Please send your application including our application form, "Notenauszug" from TUMonline, and cv to Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents.

Announcement date: 22.04.2015