Application - contact and requirement

If you want to apply for a student thesis or project at our chair please send the following documents to winfo-lehre(at) Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents and that we will only process one application per student per each kind of student work:

  • Application form (max. three topics, incl. Ref.-no.)
  • Current grades ("Notenauszug") from TUMonline
  • CV

Please give us your motivation for the chosen topic(s) in your application letter.

Guidelines for students theses and projects at the chair of Information Systems

Guidelines for student theses and projects at the chair for Information Systems: German | English.

Reader for scientific writing: German | English.

Suggesting your own topic

You can suggest your own topic for your thesis. This includes writing your thesis in cooperation with companies. Please note that the thesis must make a separate, independent scientific contribution. For this reason, e. g. only software implementation in the context of an external project is not possible.

Please note in particular that external topics can be supervised by us only when there is a close link to the research topics and areas of competence of our chair and if the work can be embedded in one of our current research projects.



Student Theses and Projects


Student Theses and Projects: Model Transformation and Semantic Web Technologies

Thesis (BA/MA/DA/IDP), Reference-number:2017-149[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects:Understanding Conflicts in Complex Multidisciplinary Systems

Thesis (BA/MA/DA/Guided Research), Reference-number: 2017-148[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: Using Analytics for Risk Profiling and Future Firm Value Estimation

Theses (BA/MA/DA), Projects (IDP/SEP/Projektstudium), Reference-number: 2017-145[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: Modelling Digital Platform Ecosystems – Towards a Tool-Based Evaluation

Theses (BA/MA/DA), Projects (IDP/SEP/Projektstudium), Reference-number: 2017-144[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: "Highly Automated Driving: The Influence of Interruptions on Take-Over Quality"

Thesis (BA/MA) / Guided Research, Project (IDP etc.), Reference-number 2017-142[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: "Schwerpunkte und Lücken der E-Partizipationsforschung: Ein Literatur Review"

Thesis (BA/MA/DA) / Guided Research, Dauerthema, Reference-number 2017-140[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: “Arbeitgeberattraktivität der öffentlichen Verwaltung für IT-Nachwuchskräfte"

Thesis (BA/MA/DA) / Guided Research, Dauerthema, Reference-number 2017-139[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: “Understanding agile project management – a network perspective"

Thesis (BA/MA), Forschungsarbeit unter Anleitung, Dauerthema, Reference-number 2017-138[mehr]


Student Theses and Projects: “Evaluating Business Model Changes in Research and Practice”

Thesis (MA/DA), Project (IDP/SEP/Projektstudium) Einfachausschreibung, Reference-number 2017-136[mehr]