Picture of Tobias Riasanow

Tobias Riasanow, M.Sc. with honors

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München


Educational Background

  • M.Sc. with honors in Finance & Information Systems (FIM) (Technische Universität München/Uni Augsburg)
  • Research Project at the University of Auckland Business School (New Zealand)
  • B.Sc. in Information Systems (Technische Universität München)

Work Experience

  • KPMG AG (IT Consulting – CPO Change)
  • Allianz Managed Operations SE (IT Controlling & Release Management)
  • Flughafen München GmbH (Software Development)

Research Interests

  • Digital Transformation of Organizations/Business Models
  • Co-evolution of Partnerships in Platform-Centric Ecosystems

Research Projects

  • Initiative for Digital Transformation (IDT) in cooperation with SAP AG
  • Zukunftsstudie MÜNCHNER KREIS VII – Zukunft der Mobilität


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