Second Research Report on Skills for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is one of those topics on management agendas that is here to stay. It is not a fad that is going to fade away but a fashion that constantly evolves in sync with new generations of digital technologies that diffuse into the market. Almost every industry has stories to tell about organizations that, by means of digital technologies, have fundamentally changed the way of doing business in their respective markets and organizations that were caught off guard by changes in competition with business models that virtually turned irrelevant overnight. Not only startups but also incumbents are working on new, exciting business models many of which still need to demonstrate profitability and sustainability. Regardless of whether those business models turn out to be a break through or a nonstarter they shift formerly accepted boundaries.

The 2017 study among IT decision makers worldwide conducted by the Chair for Information Systems in cooperation with SAP SE as part of their Initiative for Digital Transformation (IDT) reveals that digital transformation gains traction as a major topic for companies’ business agendas. However, most companies in the study are lacking a clearly defined strategy for their digital transformation. Digital talent is threatening to become the major bottleneck of digitization in the industry. A deficit in digital skills is still among the top barriers to digital transformation.

The research report can be downloaded here: