Winter term 2019/20

Advanced Practical Course - Application Challenges for Machine Learning on the Example of IBM Power AI (IN2128, IN2106, IN212810)PRLink
Advanced Practical Course - Design Thinking for Business Innovation (IN2106, IN2128, IN212808) PRLink
Advanced Practical Course - Enterprise Services: Software Development on the Example of SAP ABAP (IN2128, IN2106, IN212801)PRLink
Advanced Practical Course - IoT Services: Software Development on the Example of SAP Leonardo (IN2128, IN2106)PRLink
Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation (IN2107, IN4831)SELink
Advanced Seminar - Management of Business Strategies (IN2107, IN4956)SELink
Advanced Seminar - Process Mining (IN2107, IN4975)SELink
Advanced Seminar Course for Graduands and Postgraduates - Information Systems (IN2122)SELink
CIO Business Game (IN2104)PRLink
Doctoral Seminar Information Systems - Workshop on Information Systems and Services Sciences (IN2136)SELink
IT Law in Public Administrations: E-Government Act, IT Security and Procurement (Überfachliche Grundlagen, IN9046)SELink
Information and Knowledge Management (IN2105)VILink
Introduction to Information Systems (IN0021)VOLink
Introduction to Information Systems, Exercise Session (IN0021)UELink
Practical Course - Building Smart Services for a Tourism Platform (IN0012, IN2106, IN4274)PRLink
Practical Course - Designing IT-based Learning (IN0012, IN4138)PRLink
Practical Course - Project management for a robotics competition (IN0012, IN4246)PRLink
Reference Models for Financial Service Institutions (FIM) (IN2276)VILink
Seminar - Methods and Techniques of Software Performance Management in Internet of Things (IN0014, IN2107, IN4751)SELink