Student Theses and Projects: "Human Resource Management in IT Projects: Big data analysis of a large-scale longitudinal dataset"


Thesis (BA/MA) / Guided Research, Reference-number 2017-143

Advisor: Christoph Pflügler


The rate of unsuccessful IT projects is higher than 60% according to a report by The Standish Group. Previous research has shown that the management of the team has a huge influence on the performance of IT projects. Because of this, it is crucial to understand human resource management related factors like subgroups and turnover in more detail. A large scale dataset has been extracted from the internal project controlling and human resource management systems of a large and leading German IT service provider. This dataset contains detailed information about more than 20.000 IT outsourcing projects conducted for nearly 2.000 different customers, including leading DAX companies. Additionally, the dataset comprises detailed information about more than 8.000 employees that worked on these projects. It gives the unique possibility to discover new insights and examine previously unknown relationships.


  • Getting familiar with the relevant literature
  • Development of hypotheses
  • Evaluation of the developed hypotheses based on a large scale project dataset provided by a leading IT outsourcing provider


This study can be conducted as a thesis (BA/MA) or as Guided Research. Candidates should be experienced in or have an interest in statistical analyses. This study suits candidates studying Computer Science, Information Systems or related studies.

Further Information

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Announcement date: 13.11.2017