Blockchain Hackathon IBM & MÜNCHNER KREIS


November 24-25, Munich

On November 24-25, IBM is partnering with MÜNCHNER KREIS, the leading independent platform providing orientation for decision makers in the digital world, in order to offer a Blockchain hackathon.

This hackathon event will be your personal opportunity in conjunction with your teammates, coupled with a large dose of fun and imagination, to apply your innovation and development prowess to the exciting and rapidly evolving Blockchain.

With IBM Bluemix and the Hyperledger Blockchain Platform as the fundamental innovation platform for this event, the hackathon will cover four areas:

  • Industrial Applications / IoT
  • Health Care
  • Public Sector
  • Tradefinance / Logistics

... and any combinations therein!

IBM and MÜNCHNER KREIS have plenty of room for twenty teams of 4 or 5 individuals so there will be lots of scope for sharing ideas and experiences, making new friends and expanding your own personal network of 'great people to know and follow'.

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