Student Theses and Projects: “Understanding agile project management – a network perspective"


Thesis (BA/MA), Forschungsarbeit unter Anleitung, Dauerthema, Reference-number 2017-138

Advisor: Leonard Przybilla, Dr. Manuel Wiesche


Agile practices are heralded as breakthrough additions to project management. “Agile” has been claimed to bring a number of improvements relating to key success factors such as quality of the resulting product and development time. There have, however, been only few thorough empirical investigations of the antecedents, contingencies, and effects of agile project management. This lack of evidence is even more pronounced when considering individual agile practices such as daily standups.

The aim of the guided research project is to investigate the state of the art of empirical evidence on the efficacy and contingencies of agile practices and to contribute to the research body by conducting an empirical investigation. Such a contribution presents the opportunity of shaping the future academic discussion on agile practices and helping practitioners in adequately choosing project management practices.

Possible questions within this field of research may include:

  • To what extent do agile practices affect project success?
  • Is the popularity of ASD practices correlated with their empirical justification?
  • What are patterns of interaction in agile development teams?
  • To what extent does team structure affect project outcomes such as quality?
  • What are contingencies in the relationship between team structure, task structure, and project outcomes?
  • What are patterns of agile practice use in software development projects?



  • Literature research
  • Development of an empirical research model
  • Empirical investigation of agile practices
  • Statistical analysis of results




This topic is meant to be investigated as a guided research project. The project report can be written in either English or German. Candidates should have interest and/or knowledge in empirical research and (agile) project management. This study suits candidates studying Games Engineering, Informatics or Information Systems. Prior experience in development projects would be helpful.

Further Information:

Please send your application including our application form, "Notenauszug" from TUMonline, and cv to Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents.

Announcement date: 06.10.2017